i guess the good outweighs the bad here

i just got a call from john goodman…

…yes, THAT john goodman. king ralph. walter “you are entering a world of pain” sobchak. rosie’s ex…at least on tv.

but it wasn’t REALLY him. it was just a recording.

back when i was hanging with ME a lot more often she sent me this link about the national “do not call list” for cell phones as the numbers were about to be released to telemarketers and shit. i put myself on the list. every time anybody sends me something like that i verify it’s legit (i.e. a fed site, not some marketing scheme) and get on it. as a result i NEVER get calls from people i don’t know or owe money to.

not proud of the latter, just sayin’…

but this was my first “ad call” since i got my current cell phone number, which was back in 2002. and how did i end up with this one? ’cause it’s the number direct tv has for me and it was THEIR ad about the season premier of “damages” (which i will admit did look pretty good) starring glenn close and, you guessed it, john goodman. again, good thing they actually provide a good product i’m in to or this would suck for me AND them as i’d be more annoyed and they’d have lost a customer. as long as this doesn’t become some sort of habit we’re good. if it does, i guess it’s back to cable for me…which i don’t really want, as they have shitty cable out here. could always go the “dish” route, i guess – they just send me shit in the mail.