fuck my degree

first off, it should be noted, that this bit is being written in the afternoon after waking up to the weather being cold, rainy, and gross. i had a crappy weekend that started with REALLY crappy news and while i should be focusing on trying to “turn my life around” and such i have instead opted to kill a pizza and two bottles of red, red, wine while looking outside and mumbling “ick” to myself a few hundred times…

…so there we are.

(and i think that’s the longest intro to a bit on a page in a while)

while i’m still jobless (probably soon to be homeless) it seems that once again the media has decided people have heard enough about the economic depression and instead are focusing on some kid who’s media-whoring parents faked him going on an unscheduled balloon ride all in the name of media fame.

you want media fame, motherfucker?

excute those two dolts on live tv – it’ll be in every journalism textbook for generations and spark more reaction videos than “two girls, one cup” on the internet. the ensuing residuals will put your boy through the finest prep schools and colleges with east PLUS he’ll have an additional advantage that so few children are lacking in this day and age:

he won’t be raised by dipshits

it’s a win/win!

seriously, i get that it was somewhat of a big deal. “helicopters were deployed”, which not even mickey and malorie’s escape got. but do we really need every fucking network every fucking day giving us the latest breakdown on these pathetic wastes of skin? honestly? they did it for fame, and by crucifying them daily as you are you’re giving them exactly what they fucking want!

i’m really starting to hate the media – and i got my fucking degree in broadcast journalism!

take, for example, the media frenzy around that poor little girl that was abducted thrown in a dumpster in florida. CBS got an interview with the mother, hours after they found her seven year old girl tossed in a dumpster like a piece of trash. this is a MAJOR network reporter…not papparazzi…not tabloid shit. and these were the first three questions…

“what goes through your mind as you try to process this tragedy?”

no surprise – she’s sad and wished it was a bad dream. seriously – network brass felt this would a good opener?

“we heard you say ‘you hope the killer pays’ – what are your feelings towards this person? what do you feel is adequate payment?”

“you’ve just seen your seven year old daughter slaughtered and tossed out with the trash…now what?”

“i’m going to disneyland!!!”

FUCKING SERIOUSLY? times like this i just want to throw my degree in the trash and tell everybody i went to technical school. although that lie wouldn’t explain my lack of employment as easily….

“have the police told you anything about what summer went through before she died? or show she died? or is this information you even want to know?”

some things people just DON’T want to know. i wonder if this was the “plan b” question after they wouldn’t let the bitch reporter ask if the girl had been molested or raped or something.

times like this i’m glad i never went into tv or any kind of news shit. what’s really sad is i know at least one person i sat in a classroom with is somewhere in this country talking about this shit, with a perma-grin and conviction, in front of a camera. and that kind of sickens me. i’m fucking done here…pass the wine bottle, please.

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  • Leia Oct 27, 2009 @ 1:07

    I produced a talk show at KLBJ AM for almost three years. I began to question my choice of profession after almost losing my job because the religious radio station stole my “exclusive interview” with the dumb fuck drunk bitch who crashed into a DPS patrol car and killed the officer. Our show was at 9am… she went on the other station at 8. My boss was furious… as if it was MY FAULT the stupid whore changed her mind about giving us the first interview. Another enlightening time was the day I had to try to get an on-air interview with the mother of a 12 year old who had died the day before in the cross fire of a gang shooting. I actually reached her on the phone, and (DUH) she was in no shape to do any kind of interview, let alone a live one on the radio. This was a “failure” on my part, according to the higher ups. The day I decided to quit KLBJ and the industry in general was one afternoon when the police scanner in the news room mentioned something about a car accident on I35. My FIRST THOUGHT was “Ooooh, maybe somebody died!”. That was it for me. The Media SUCKS. It’s all about money and ratings. True journalism is dying… and fast.

  • sean Oct 27, 2009 @ 10:16

    i just fucking KNEW you’d have a field day with this!

  • Leia Oct 28, 2009 @ 17:05

    Oh, you know me so well!