maybe i’ll just buy more shoes or something?

it’s saturday morning, which can only mean one thing…

…breakfast tacos!

for all unaware of what that is, it’s exactly what you think it is – picture your typical (and not so typical) breakfast fare (bacon, egg, potato, sausage, etc, etc) in a tortilla with a little cheese and some hot sauce. good eating – especially on a chilly morning (46 degrees on my back porch at 8:51am while i type this). but today i got a little something-something from mr. taco i NEVER would have expected…

…a diet plan!

there was no denying the little girl behind the to go counter was a bit more little than she’d been recently…and when i asked her secret (i learned long ago you NEVER ask a woman her weight or age, lest you get cut – but if you ask her what her “secret is” to looking so young, thin, what have you, she’ll open up like a book…) she gave me an answer i didn’t see coming – fertility pills.

who knew?

i always thought fertility pills messed with a woman’s inside chemistry to eggs could secure more easily or sperm slip in more smoothly or some such biological stuff. guess they’ve now simplified them down to where “fertility pills” help you conceive by slimming you down so your dude will want to fuck you more often.


(but not so a dude can fuck me more often, i should stress…just for weight loss purposes)

think it would fuck my system up to try this? where can i get my hands on some fertility meds to experiment here? i figure best case, i get below two hundred pounds for the first time since junior high – worse case, i finally appreciate sex & the city.

…thoughts? seriously, how bad could it be?

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  • Leia Oct 24, 2009 @ 19:54

    Three words: ARE YOU HIGH????

  • transamdan Oct 29, 2009 @ 19:25

    whoa sean!!!!! Next you’ll be asking about meth!!!!! stick to the gym!!

  • sinderella Nov 5, 2009 @ 16:53

    If this will take the lbs off and make my breasts perkier and possibly bigger – it is a thought. So not joking.