is there a doctor in the house?

okay, maybe not a “normal” doctor…

…although i don’t know if a vet would fit the bill either.

(and by “vet” i mean a doctor that works on animals, not somebody who’s been in the military)

see, i’m having a small problem with copper. very small. and winged. and hungry. i’m talking about mosquitoes. not only do the little fuckers carry diseases like heartworms (which i hope is not another problem we’re experiencing) but they bite – and the ones we’ve had around here (due to recent rain, followed by heat, followed by my lawnmower dying so the backyard is all grown up – and not in a fun way) are big, blood-thirsty fuckers. they’ve attacked me to the point of me not being able to sit outside and do internet stuff in the sun (which i love) and they even cut short my yardwork AND recent car work. they are, plain and simple, vicious little fuckers. i can count seven bites per leg minimum on my shins from when i changed my oil recently – and i did that earlier in the morning when they’re not supposed to be “as bad”…

…so much for that theory.

but enough about me- copper is miserable. she has short fur, and practically none on parts of her lower belly…and this little girl has gotten et up. i originally thought i was fleas and was gonna go get some of the advantix or whatever but a closer inspection head to tail found NO fleas or ticks…but the second she steps out i can visibly see the skeeters around her, so if figure that has to be the culprit. plus the drip stuff makes bugs NOT bite anymore – does nothing for the bites that are already there.

and she’s a’itching. badly.

she scratches at her belly so violently that the rhythmic thumping of her leg into the floor of her crate in the middle of the night has woke me up more than once in the last week. she’s scratched to hell, red, and raw. any thoughts on how to stop the itching on our poor girl here?

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  • Leia Oct 20, 2009 @ 14:05

    I looked it up… and I’m surprised you didn’t, or maybe you did but didn’t mention it… but it is safe to put calamine lotion and other itch remedies on a dog. Call the vet first just to make sure, but I’ve heard of this before. Walgreens has a spray called Wal-dryl that is GREAT for relieving skeeta bites. I use it like a son of a gun because the skeetas LOVE me. Don’t you use Off? The Deep Woods one works really well… for you, not the dog. Poor girl! Let us know how she’s doing.

  • sean Oct 22, 2009 @ 11:15

    i’d read that, actually – and administered cortisone cream to one side (just to double check reaction in both the “no scratching” and the “allergic” sense of the word) and it seemed to relieve her a bit – but if you recommend the spray (they only bite you ’cause you’re so sweet) i’ll try that route…

  • the redhead Oct 22, 2009 @ 22:47

    tea tree oil is supposed to repel too. Probably safe for pets but check with the vet. I swear by skin so soft…probably would work on a dog as well.

  • transamdan Oct 23, 2009 @ 6:58

    dude, ill take care of it, shoot me an email when u get a sec!!!!!