no sun = no bits (but possibly a big fuck-all snake?)

i have learned something recently…

…i could never make it in logging country.

never mind the whole “warm-natured so i can’t do flannel well” thing. the last week or so has brought next to NO sun and i’ve noticed the drying up of major daylight has meant the drying up of my energy level as well as my creative juices. sucks to be me. i wrote wednesday’s bit, came up with the idea for the sunday sixer (haven’t written anything, but coming up with the idea is sometimes the hardest part) and SWORE i’d written this bit, too…

…as mom would say, “that’s what you get for swearing”.

so with tish finally getting laid to rest a couple weeks ago it means there is not only a void in my heart AND my pet lineup but also a fairly large sized, hand made by me, would terrarium in the studio that i’ve been thinking lately needs to be filled. just wasn’t sure which way to go.

a couple of the boas i like are pretty hard to come by AND pricey. the other idea is a reticulated python. easy to find, pretty inexpensive (as far as such animals go) but i’ve never owned a python and have heard they can get a bit nippy. of course, the same can be said for any larger snake – from all i’ve read as long as you’re cool with them and handle them often they stay pretty social…and you REALLY want your retic to be as social as you can get him (or her).


these things get larger than anacondas. we’re talking out of the teens in feet on length here. so my goal would either be to get a hold of a “dwarf” version (which get no bigger than about twelve feet) or attempt the impossible – keep the snake in a good mood while subsequently limiting its food intake to limit its size a bit….

…hmmm – maybe i need to think on this a bit more.