the pube poll

so, how do you like the hair down there? i wanna know what my readers think on this (and to prove to myself i actually have more than three or four). rate your preferred level of bushiness, 1 to 10…1 being bald as dr. evil’s pet kitty, 10 being hairier than fat bastard’s back…and let me know if you mean it for guys or girls…vote for both, if you so choose…i just wanna get an average here. plan on running this till the end of the month, so vote away!

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4 or less for girls, don’t do guys….

fem said @ 09/28/2002 02:46 AM GMT

Mare and i were gonna respond but not after dreadkramer…phhhhttttt

Linda leaving Alaska said @ 09/25/2002 03:25 AM GMT

On my guys I like it to be in between..not too much..but not a 5 for guys..and my girls..I like it a 1 for my girls..

The Horny Ladybug said @ 09/24/2002 06:51 AM GMT

Dreads baby. Should hang down to their knees. that would be 10 for the girls.

Just call me “Mr. Natural”

dread Kramer said @ 09/23/2002 02:35 PM GMT

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