their super power is controlling shit

“choosing between trump and cruz is like having to choose between AIDS and cancer – they’re both gonna kill the country, and both are gonna do it slow & painful, it’s just one has more of a social stigma” – me, when i accidentally signed in at the wrong table on “super tuesday” but caught it before my vote was cast.

this was after the woman behind the table said, “i asked you how you were voting today and you said, ‘republican'” to which i responded, “no, ma’am i didn’t – i couldn’t have said that out loud with a straight face given who you guys brought to the party”. and then followed it with the line that makes today’s intro.

she said, “well, WE didn’t do that”.

but you did. you’re as grassroots a foot solider as it gets. you’re not canvasing, but you probably were. you’re not trying to put signs in my yard, but you probably were. but now you ARE sitting at the table, getting people signed in to influence who you’re putting up as the leader of the next free world, and you’re giving me that resting bitch face look not because i just likened your candidates to what killed your folks and a plague you consider god’s way of showing gays shouldn’t marry…but because i didn’t specify who was which.

i’ll ruin part of the secret ballot process – i voted for bernie in tuesday. i did so because i genuinely think he’d make the best president. he’s not loud, obnoxious, racist, or bought and paid for like his competitors. he doesn’t try and drag his invisible friend from sunday into his politics like his competitors. and he not only knows bullshit when he sees it, as i’m sure his competition does, but he’s actually willing to DO some shit about it, which they’re not. and that last one is a big part of what’s fucked about the american political process. i didn’t vote republican, which i typically do, because i think this country will take a huge step backwards with either cruz or trump at the helm. if you doubt me, let me know how you feel in two years – but remember that cabo is two hours behind texas…if one of them wins i’ll probably be living there.

and so it goes. say what you want about the republicans, but at least they elect quasi honestly.

the democrats have “super delegates”, which make things interesting. they’re sometimes elected officials, sometimes just people that work for the notorious dnc, but they’re votes count just as much as the “normal” delegates, which are required to vote the way we, the public, tell them to. what kind of difference do the superfriends make?

super bs

hillary’s WHIPPING bern, but mainly because the party says she should. notice she has more super delegates behind her than he has delegates PERIOD. because she’s been in the DNC longer, has name recognition, and the kind of cash that buys that kind of shit. bern doesn’t. so, she will essentially get the nod not because she earned it, but because she bought it. and do you know what a clinton nomination means?

president trump.

lest we forget – black men went from just this side of livestock to voting americans before white girls got to vote. i know a century has passed since, but i think folks will vote trump in before clinton just ’cause he’s a dude. what i’d really be interested in is who he makes his VICE president, because they’ll be president within a couple years. trump’s not used to having to deal with congress and a cabinet and other people that can second guess your shit…he’s used to getting his way. and what few remember is presidents don’t often get their way. i think once trump’s ideas get shot down by congress he’ll get frustrated and quit, leaving the vice president holding the bag. so watch who trump’s VP is – that’s the person we really need to focus on.

bookmark this bit – see where we’re at in another year or two. i know where i should be at…

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