february 2k9 wrap – up…the jobless chronicles

this site has always served two purposes…

…to entertain (which it only occasionally does from where i sit, but i don’t think i’m that funny) and to inform my friends that rarely speak to me (due to geography, lifestyle pace, or just me getting on their nerves) as to what’s going on in my world. this entry will cover the latter.

yes, i’m still unemployed. no, i don’t know when that gets fixed. i was cockily (is that a word?) not looking too terribly hard for work ’cause i had this pretty cool gig lined up with a canadian based software company where a friend of mine worked. he got my resume a couple weeks before i got let go, got it in the right hands, and i actually had my first phone interview two hours before hr walked me out of the building. had the second one that following monday, and they set up a third on friday the 13th, which meant i had to rush off the last time i hung with ME (and after she was uncharacteristically domestic and ironed all my nice interview attire) and that one went pretty well.

then, after some number crunching, the company decided that three call centers (canada, india, and austin, tx) needed to only be two, and since corp hq was in canada and every company is apparently bound by international law to have an indian call center now, they axed the one i could commute to without racking up frequent flyer miles.

so three weeks into my weekend (i call it “weekend”, you guys call it “february”) i find myself thinking, “well, shit – what the fuck do i do now?” unemployment still isn’t kicking in, and in a couple weeks i will be completely out of cash. that’s not good. my only secret shame from the whole experience is the condition of the house, so i’m gonna use this weekend to get that remedied and then face reality come march (i.e. “monday” for you guys, “weekend, part ii” for me).

so that’s where things are – unless i won the mega-millions lotto early tonight…

(hits site, checks numbers)

…nope, that’s where things are.