you’re no longer with us – get over it!

every state in the union has at least one law that’s a little fucked up…

…and ohio is no exception.

one law is that if somebody is declared dead, there is only a three year window to reverse it. after that, it sticks – regardless of the circumstances. one ohio man ended up on the odd end of that – being told by a judge, as a matter of public court record, that he was dead. and the judge would not reverse his ruling, despite the man standing in the court room arguing to the contrary…

…fuck me, i hope he has an “only god can judge me” tattoo just for irony purposes.

see, he disappeared a while back and was declared legally dead. eight years later, he re-appeared. problem was you only have THREE years to reverse a declaration of death in ohio, so it was too late for him to be “resurrected” from a legal stand point.

i can’t make this shit up.

turns out he was running from a large back-due child support payment, and part of the people arguing to keep him deceased was the “widow” because if he was declared back with us she’d have to pay back the social security benefits she and the kids had received and they couldn’t afford it. that coupled with the three year law has helped seal the fate of this “living dead man”.

i wonder what the fuck he does now?

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  • Kramer Oct 15, 2013 @ 10:12

    This is a Halloween, zombie bit, right?

  • Shane Oct 16, 2013 @ 9:25

    Nope Kramer,m totally legit. I saw it on the news a few nights ago. Thing Sean didn’t mention is the moron found out he had been declared dead within that 3 year window, and did fuck all about it.

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