back when people bought music (a flashback)

ah, back when i used to run contests and shit…

06/07/2002: “addendums (josh came up with this title when he was on the tequila)”

once again, i got sidetracked a couple of entries back on the one about going to fort hood, or as i called it, armyland usa. two thirds of the way through it (right before the list that was supposed to be FIVE things, but i only put four ’cause i blanked on this last one) the phone rang….and while the call was EXTREMELY welcome, it also meant that after i got off the phone, i was now constantly thinking of the person i had just talked to, and NOT what i had been writing a bit earlier.

these things happen.

also, with the latest readers poll about how many CDs i found in my car, there have been a few questions/issues, so we’ll deal with that, too. but first, a title explanation.

the reason i called the the fort hood piece “half and half” is because i made an observation post-dinner that the town was VERY appropriately named. the title is of course two four letter words and the population is pretty clearly divided between the “FORT” side and the “HOOD” side….i.e., everybody either looks army (or retired army) or like their biggest dream is to end up with a guest spot in a 2pac video (or outKast, or nelly, or snoop, or master p, or…). EVERYBODY we dealt with in and around the killeen/hood area was either draped in camo or fubu (or bootleg fubu) and all either had a very “sir, yes SIR!!!” vibe or a “i hate those g.i. muthafukers, youknowwhati’msayin’?” vibe. pretty even split, er go, half and half.

now, for the cd contest. the question was, after i cleaned out my car to go to fort hood, i unearthed a decent amount of CDs; how many did i find? you needed to remember that there were 12 in the wallet alone, so you KNEW it would be over 12. and i’ll count double CDs as a single one, which will help some of y’all who voted low. if anyone nails the number, i’ll buy you one (1) cd, of your choice, from sundance records & tapes (my former place of employ) provided it’s not a box set, import, or something outlandishly expensive.

yes, you DO have to get it right on the money, not just “closest without going over” as the redhead inquired. i am not bob barker, and this is not the price is right. it’s not like the prize is sex with ME or something; it’s something you people would actually WANT…a CD, so we have to be precise here.

i’ll reveal the answer first thing MONDAY morning, JUNE 10th (which would be NINE days before the 19th, my birthday, for all of you who get confused on such things) voting is cut off at midnight sunday, and if you vote more than once, i will take your LAST VOTE ONLY provided it doesn’t step on someone else’s number. first person with a number gets it, unless they vote again, then they lose it. confusing enough? good. my lawyers would be proud. vote.

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that’s because you’re supposed to be some kind of a psychic or something. you can feel it. please. it’s 40. you’re wrong.

kathi said @ 06/07/2002 05:26 PM GMT

thirty-three and a third. I’m right. I can just feel it.

astrofishy said @ 06/07/2002 03:22 PM GMT

i change my vote…i say 61*.

[the previous previous homerun record, with an asterisk]

josh said @ 06/07/2002 03:13 PM GMT

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