no good deed goes uncharged?

a few things you may (or may not) know about me, that in this odd case come out to be slightly related…

…first off, in school, i didn’t play athletics – i was in band. i got my exercise being a bike & skate kid. in many ways, looking at me, this is not terribly surprising.

secondly, my home is positioned at the entry way to our neighborhood – as in if you come down the main entrance, and blow straight through the stop sign, you drive straight into my front yard. i’m the top of the “T”, as it were.

so, when a couple different friends of mine (who were both in band with me) have run for city council, or school board, or what have you, my front yard is a highly strategic sign dump. one of them actually asked me if it was cool – the more obnoxious of the two called to inform he he’d put it in my yard (to which i replied ‘it may or may NOT stay since this wasn’t cleared with me’ but left it up). ya gotta love local politics!

but recently another former band mate (and not one i was super close to) threw her hat into a state race going after a senate seat. i was informed about it, from her, when she ran into me & nik at a local tex mex spot and the more i thought about it the more i decided that, for the first time ever, i would actually volunteer up my primo lawn spot to a candidate.

the response i got surprised me, although maybe it shouldn’t?

i didn’t know how to get a hold of her, but she had had me follow her campaign instagram, so i just hopped on her latest post showing her out and about around the state, and just put, “when you’re back in our homeland i’d like to procure a yard sign, please”, to which she replied, “awesome – and in the mean time i have an online store…”, followed by a link, which it turns out is where she SELLS the signs for $25 EACH.

is this normal?

i’d never had to PAY for a sign, but i’ve also never had one up for a state or national race? also, i’m not 100% she knows where my house is to know why my yard is kinda doing her more of a solid than she might realize? who knows – it’s not that supporting an old former sax player isn’t worth twenty-five bucks to me, it just kind of caught me off guard…

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