repeat failure (a throwback)

so, there was a second bit for today that’s already been re-run…

…so i guess i kept my word on this?

05/16/2002: “quickie”

so, i did this really great entry for today, which i MIGHT reprise; but 90% of the way through it, i was editing and the cursor went to the little “wait for it” clock and NEVER went back, so i had to reboot and lost the entry. at this point it was 7:55, so i had to get dressed and head into the office. i made it all the way through college without ever doing rough drafts or re-writes, and always just shooting from the hip. as a result, when i write something ALL THE WAY THROUGH, and then LOSE IT, i tend not to write it again; this one was damn good, though, so maybe tonight, after a cigar dinner, i’ll be in a better mood and be able to reconstruct it. till then, keep in mind i AM at work, and writing for astrowhore i do just for you, the readers, and not to pay bills. so, till tonight…

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That’s what you get for using a overrated giant calculator (a.k.a. a MAC) instead of a real computer. 🙂

PCgal said @ 05/17/2002 01:23 PM GMT

I know your pain. I fell your pain – trust me.

astrofishy said @ 05/16/2002 04:06 PM GMT

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