mischief on the pharcyde of the hill (a concert review)

i went a bit nuts on the concerts last month, and i’m still paying off the credit card debts…

so, this year, i’ve only bought one ticket so far, and it was to see souls of mischief (1?), the pharcyde (1), and cypress hill (3).

(numbers in parenthesis indicate how many times i’d seen them before this show, and i think i’d seen souls of mischief but i’m not sure)

the show was pretty good, but the venue (stubb’s) clearly oversells itself compared to its previous capacity. i swear when i worked there they capped at 2,200 or maybe 2,500 people. there were easily 4,000 people at the show that night. the openers sets were shorter than i expected, and i had no idea that about half the pharcyde’s founding members had quit, which made for an interesting performance of their biggest hit, passin’ me by, because the guy that did the whole first verse was no longer in the group – so they played a cd we all rapped along with acappella, then dropped the beat and continued the song…

…it kinda worked, honestly.

then it was headliner time (again, missing their main dj?) but it was still a great set. all the hits, a bunch of old deep cuts, and we dipped with two songs left i could give a shit about due to my back still kinda acting a fool (i can’t wait to put this pain behind me, back pun intended).

so, will there be another 2024 show for me? time will tell…

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