whiskey wednesday – bff edition

i’m not gonna lie, this was NOT the whiskey i was going for…

…i was going for this stuff called foxes bow. the reason being i’d heard it was irish whiskey FROM AUSTIN. or at least founded in austin? thought of in austin? anywho, the ATX is NOWHERE on the label, and nowhere on their website, and it seems like an affiliation with my birth city would warrant a mention should it be the case, and it with it NOT being mentioned i’m guessing that’s NOT the case. so, instead, we got us a bottle of…

which with one of the “magnificent seven” having the last name “mcconnell” you know a text was sent (he’s buying bottles for xmas gifts as i type this). it’s not stellar, but not bad. for the price i’ll stick with my go-to while they’re still making it but it’s definitely got a distinct flavor (common with the blends) and clocks in at just over standard (84 proof, or 42% abv) so it’s not bad, and gives me a bottle i’ll give a friend over tossing in the bin. but, again, and no offense to lance, there’s better out there (keep in mind the stuff i linked to is 92 proof, or 86% abv) for the same price, but it’s definitely better than a lot of the other swill that tries to pass itself off as the sacred blood of my motherland.

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