lightning strikes twice (a throwback)

so, last week the flashback title was because i went to that day in the archives and had not one, not two, but FOUR bits to choose from and only one had been rerun…

…and today it happened AGAIN. except this time NONE of the four had been posted, so i randomly picked:

03/21/2002: “and here i thought only vulcans had logic…(the geekiest reference i’ve ever used)”

so, i’m watching cnn last night. and i heard the most repugnant line of pig crap i’ve heard in a while (i SWORE i’d try not to be political here, but this i gotta address) it seems they have a new anti-drug smear campaign. playing off this countries new-found sense of patriotism (which is starting to wane…american flag items are now on the clearance rack at most stores), the guv-ment has started telling kids that if you use drugs, you support terrorism.


i’m confused. so, smoking dope makes you a taliban supporter. if those people smoked dope, they wouldn’t have gotten on early morning flights. they would have been at ihop eating grand slams, and comparing string cheese bootlegs. it all reminds me of a world war ii slogan that was used to encourage gas conservation and car pooling, “if you ride alone, you ride with hitler”.

a bit harsh, don’t ya think? so let’s follow the same logic with my choice of dinner last saturday night.

so, after the frightening adobada experience, the last thing i wanted was meat or mexican food, so me and phillipe did italian food (no names mentioned) in harlingen, texas. now, i have a friend who used to work at the south austin “branch”, and she used to kitchen manage because she spoke spanish. she told me that they hired mexican cooks because actual italian cooks weren’t cost effective.

so, now an italian cook is out of work. so he has to take a lower paying job. then his kids can’t get the cool, designer clothes. therefore, they’re not as popular. they get shunned by the “cool” kids. they start hanging with the wrong crowd. wearing black. listening to korn, and slipknot, and (gasp) marilyn manson (usually you can find two outta three on those bands in my car cd wallet…all three at the house…and i’m college educated; but never mind that now). then one day he’s had enough of his dad doing menial labor, and him being pushed around by football players. so he gets a gun, goes into school, and fucks some letter-men up.

now innocent high school jerks are dead. and all because i wanted manacotti. how DO i sleep at night?

same line of logic. same sort of reasoning. just a bit more extreme to show how STUPID it all is. god bless the federal spin doctors. long may the colors wave. now, available half-off.

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