only forty-eight hours left to get some grounds

so, i don’t know how i feel about this one…

…i read a bit, and did some investigating, and it isn’t QUITE what it’s made out to be.

they’re called “lays golden grounds” and they’re meant to celebrate lays returning to the fold of spending the gdp of a small carribean nation for a thirty second spot on the super bowl.

(that’s not bullshit – i looked it up)

the original thing i found on it said they were lays potato chips made from spuds grown in the dirt of hallowed nfl stadiums…but that was only partially true. yes, like the “pre-embargo cuban cigars” you used to occasionally find that would literally contain one or two shreds of PEC tobacco amongst the dozens that make up the cigar filler, this time they get SOME dirt from a stadium, mix it in to the dirt of the field where they grow the potatoes, and get things growing. what’s the ratio? how much? 50/50? a shot glass worth of stadium dirt to an acre of farmland? who knows…and they ain’t telling.

they’re not being sold in stores, you just have to follow @lays on whatever musk is calling twitter this week but you’ll wanna hurry – there’s only forty-eight hours left in the contest, and then they’re gone. only 200 bags were made per the teams that participated (for some reason the bengals, browns, and broncos all opted out).

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