(not) more of a dog gone good time (the update changed the title a bit)

yeah, it’s a fourth dog bit…

…but this is cool, because i finally realized something while loaded down in a thc/cbd/cbn haze that freaked me out, and not in a bad way. budnik really IS my dog, in the sense that we’re going through pretty much the same shit.

i sit weird. i’m not sure why, but i do. i tend to rotate the bulk of my weight over onto my left hip. i do it on the couch as well as the car. between the two, that constitutes about 75% of my sitting time, and as a result it makes me have issues walking and such because it’s fucking up my hip.

likewise, due to that spot on budnik’s left side we’re trying to heal he always, one hundred percent of the time, sleeps on his right side. the result of this appears to be some wear and tear on his right shoulder, which seems to bare a lot more weight as he lays around then it normally would, and it’s caused the muscle to, for lack of a better term, atrophy and degrade to the point it’s causing the limp i’d mentioned.

or so my theory goes.

so the double shoulder brace is going back, as it costs $80 and his left one so far appears to be fine. we already HAVE a brace for the right one, we just need to get him walking and putting some weight on it. but an orthopedic bed with a roll so he can prop his head (and therefor alleviate weight off the shoulder) seems ideal so we are going THAT route, and i’ll even end up with a little credit on my amazon account, which i’m sure will vanish in next to no time.

UPDATE: keep in mind these are written weeks in advance some times, and while this was only written a week back, we’ve had some uncool developments. yes, the bed went over well and he, at first, was sleeping like a stone in it. but then his guts started up, my fear being the gauze thing. while that was written after the third incident, last week brought a fourth and fifth in rather rapid succession and that’s what has me nervous. at the time i kinda wrote it off since the others seemed to have passed uneventfully, but i’m afraid two in somewhat rapid succession (i’m not sure, but i think it was only a day or two apart) has me clogged him up. he’s having liquid coming out of both ends right now, but still ate today and tonight. the limp is about the same. we’ve moved his 1/17 vet appointment to 1/16 so we’ll see what happens and update accordingly. in truth, this is being written at 11:30am 1/16, about an hour and a half before we leave for the vet in luling…

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