i miss the flag (not a patriotic flashback)

sadly only two remain in the world, and they’re both in the metroplex…

…and if i go up there i’ll be expected to eat at my cousin’s joint, so we’ll have to stay at least a couple days.

raise the flag and silence the chickens

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when i got my sprint phone, one of the things i liked about it was that you could download ring tones. that was the one plus of the verizon phone i had right before i switched over…it had AWESOME rings, including cure and depeche mode songs. VERY cool. the selection from sprint isn’t quite so good, but i’m sure they’ll learn eventually. verizon gives you one free ring of your choice from the downloads, and like many a dope man before them, the first was free but the rest will cost you. sprint just puts one on the damn phone, but it’s not a song…

it’s chickens.

i couldn’t figure out who on EARTH i could use chickens for as their personal ring without them thinking my view of them was…um…odd. so, i used it for all my work calls. if someone calls from the office, or one of the work mobile phones, my phone starts to cluck like a chicken. and yesterday the chickens rose almost as early as i did….8:30 am. on a saturday. never mind the fact that the phone had woke me up an hour prior, which was good ’cause i had volunteered to work that morning. sometimes, when you get broke, you get stupid like that. i was SUPPOSED to be at the office at 9:30, so the call surprised me. it was my boss…

“hey man…we need someone to run equipment to the other data hub…could you make the run?”
“i suppose…where the hell is our other data hub?”
“it’s in the albertson’s on arkansas drive, in arlington”
“yep…can you do it? we’re pretty much screwed otherwise…”

so, i was off to dallas. took three and half hours to make the drive, but then fourty-five minutes later i was leaving. all was well. i was in the clear, and i knew where i needed to grab lunch. i got about five miles away…and then came the chickens again.

“hey man…something’s not connecting up right. i need you to go back for just a *quick sec*”

allow me to run that foot note a bit prematurely for you…

*quick sec* = three and a half hours where the chickens cluck, and i’m told to switch a connection from port a or port b or reset the power on a router or piddly three second task and then i’m told to sit and wait and then fifteen to twenty minutes later the chickens cluck again and we repeat. often.

so, i FINALLY get to leave, and go with my “lunch plans” around 5:00 or so…and thus the chickens went silent. and i went to the place where raising the flag doesn’t show your patriotism…it shows your total disregard for your life, health, waist, and the lifespan of your wicker furniture.

Pancho’s Mexican Food Buffet.

we keep seeing the commercials when we’re shooting pool, but they don’t have them in austin anymore. they MIGHT have them in san antonio, but i’m not sure. but they have plenty of them in the dallas metroplex, so that was the plan. problem was, having nothing in my stomach all day save for a pepsi, i got real full real fast and was then hungry three hours later when i hit austin…so i stopped off and had a snack with some cops.

literally. with lance and his partner. then it was off to the traditional saturday night…booze, pool, and josh. and kristen. and i learned the secret to getting a LOT of affectionate attention from the cute, petite waitstaff and also guarantee that i have no date…look good when i go out. two nights in a row. these things happen.

the shining moment of the dallas part of the day? seeing bret and leo again. and bret’s new toy.

(it should be noted this is an approximation of the image in the original bit – right year, make, color, and model – but better pic of a similar vehicle due to all original images being gone and digital photography coming a loooong way in fifteen years!

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why does bret always get the coolest stuff? I want his life!

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