new year? old cure! (a monday make-up bit)

i randomly found my review of when i saw the cure in 2008…

my seats were MUCH better fifteen years later, but never mind that now…

we’ve got the cure!

Author: sean M Published: June 11, 2008 1 comment edit

i gotta keep this kinda short…

…since i’m doing it at work.

i gotta admit, i was impressed with the cure show last night. the new austin music hall i’m not so sure about. having to actually pay to get in for the first time EVER – not a fan. but i’m just spoiled like that. the show was great, the setlist was great, and robert smith looked…well…not so great.

thirty years of wearing that much makeup can catch up with male skin, i suppose.

for you cure fans, songs that you missed live at the amh : primary, catch, push, a forest, and the ones you’d expect – facination street, just like heaven, close to me, edge of the deep green sea.

overall, great show – go see it, just don’t look mad bob in the face for too long, lest you end up lounging in a graveyard cutting yourself on the weekends.

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