one of my few complaints (and there are very few) about iphones is that it’s not always readily apparent who sent emails to you…

…so, when i got this the day AFTER i renewed my xm script:

and i had done it knowing it might overmax the card (it did) i thought maybe transactions fell weird and it didn’t clear, but at least i could get three months free!

(relax – i only kinda clicked it)

and the “kinda” means i did it from my phone, never put it info, and never actually let the page load. i went outside so i’d be off wifi, and it would load slower, so i could see what URL it went to, which was just as cryptic as the email if came from in the pic above (which, again, doesn’t show on the iOS screen on my phone). i then closed the window and browser and checked my card statement to see it went through.

so keep your eyes out this holiday season – they’re comin’ for ya!

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