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the way i see it, sadly, there’s a good chance these people are gonna be around for a while…

…might even take the top spot, which will have me, once again, debating how attached i really am to the house i grew up in, or if i should just take the money and run since it’s valued at almost three times what we owe on it. that extra do-re-mi could buy a good chunk of land in a country not ruled by a narcissistic xenophobic homophobic cheeto with shit taste and even shittier followers.

but never mind that now.

one of their main typically laughable stances is the decline of the prominence of the white male. how they’re getting stepped on. skipped over. it’s no longer swinging almost to their nuts like it used to be…

…don’t judge – it’s cold in here.

most people disagree with the stance, but there might be some merit there. typically i argue against and simple say to google “president of the united states” and look at the list complete with pictures. there are forty-six of the fuckers, and all forty-six are male. forty-five and a half are white. but that’s not the only yard stick, i suppose, and while chatting with my boss the other day i had a musing that reflects that other side of the argument:

how the fuck do we live in a world where dolly parton got into the rock and roll hall of fame a year before willie nelson did?

it’s a valid question, and one that’s worth asking. they both have had a total of twenty-five number one hits each. he’s been around longer, toured more, and is just more of cultural icon in my opinion. while neither are rock musicians per se, it can’t be denied their influence on rock and rock culture. but why did willie have to wait an extra year?

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