small faces to the rescue

no, this has nothing to do with the mod/psychedelic group from the 1960’s…

…this bit is about money.

with the economy in the toilet and tattoos and piercings falling more into the “luxury item” category versus the “necessity category” (despite our clients statements to the contrary) things have gotten super slow at work. like, ridiculously slow. the problem is my dumb ass set my current bill structure up back when we were in what were clearly the “salad days” so i keep coming up with a delta between what i have to pay, and what i have to pay it WITH.

it ain’t fun. and i’m too old to “gig” in this economy and work sixty hours between a few jobs.

so first went the emergency money. then went the savings. then went a few firearms. now more stuff is on eBay, but the cushion to take the hit the last couple months? the old money. that small face stuff. hard to believe how much it’s changed in the last couple decades, ain’t it?

so, when i get handed cash in the shop that’s some of that old school shit, i tend to hold on to it. i have literally every bill – one’s, two’s, five’s, ten’s, twenty’s, fifty’s, and hundreds. no $500 or $1000, because those are really hard to come by.

i didn’t realize how much that stash had grown. in my defense, i never counted it because i never planned on dipping into it. but, desperate times call for desperate measures, so i ended up doing so. it turns out i have four one hundred dollar bills and two of them, quite honestly, were in pretty shit shape. so those left us. and bills got met. and i still still have over $500 left in the small face stuff, including thirteen twenties. plenty of tens and fives that aren’t in great shape, either. so maybe the super worn ones will be next should the need arise. as of now i seem to have stabilized a bit on the lower budget, i just had to trim a LOT of extra stuff.

now i suppose we just wait for the economy to get off the shitter. it’s bad enough i’ve started looking for a different job.

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