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i got a weird email the other day from amazon, which reminds me…

(set up refund for amazon purchase since first line was typed)

anywho, i got a weird email the other day about a product recall from the “amazon product safety team”. i took this shit seriously because, in addition to all kinds of household electronics that we’ve nabbed from there, i also get all kinds of stuff for budnik from there including the collar around his neck and the medicine currently being used to treat a spot on his belly.

trying to be a good pitty parent – what’s being recalled? oh, a fucking tortilla chip.


this one in particular:

marketed as the world’s hottest tortilla chip (because we need such a thing?) and made right here in austin, texas, this chip was pulled because this year’s edition (yes, this is an annual thing) has ACTUALLY KILLED PEOPLE, or so the theory goes.

i have a semi fun video of my co-workers trying this shit back in 2020. all the 7-11’s around here (which was the only place i knew to get em) had sold out of the $15 chips (yes, that’s for ONE chip in, as you can see above, pretty intricate and impressive packaging) but i found em on amazon for $13. by the time i’d received them three days later the price had already been marked up to $20. i saw it hit $25 from them before they were gone, and after that eBay took over and shit got ridiculous.

part of the email contained a link to the company site (which was where you saw the mailing address was on 5th street in downtown austin) and a refund offer. who doesn’t want a “free” $30? i followed the link only to be denied because i hadn’t bought the 2023 version, which would have been quite the feat back in 2020. it really doesn’t matter either way – my co-workers paid me back for them back then, and the show i got watching em eat it was worth the time and effort three fold!

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