heavy on the “artsy”, hopefully light on the “fartsy”

i am all about a good work around…

…and this was pretty good while it lasted.

the place has since closed, but erotic city in boise idaho (no, YOU da ho!) was not only named after prince’s arguably best b-side, but also found a more creative way than austin joints when it comes to the whole “full nudity” thing.

see, in texas you can’t have fully naked women where alcohol is sold. it’s against the law. apparently cooch and hooch don’t mix when it comes to sanitary conditions? i guess? people forget texas is kinda the buckle of the bible belt so a lot of things around here are more churchy based than they like to admit they are. the way texas spots get around it is raising prices on pretty much everything else to compensate for the money they lose from selling watered-down drinks. so cokes and water are twice as much. the cover is three times as much. as are dances, and they aren’t allowed to touch you since they’re “in the all together”.

and that’s how all nude joints survive in texas.

but in boise nudity is allowed when you have “artistic merit”. so this guy’s solution? only a fifteen dollar cover, which not only gets you in the door but gets you pencils and a sketch pad. and the girls on stage? those aren’t strippers – those are nude models for the ART CLASS you’re attending.

that is fucking GENIUS!

i think i need to try this here, but in a nod to our home state’s history we’ll call it “debbie does the art institute”!

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