everybody makes booze now

i had an interesting mental debate the other day…

“wait – have they tried the ocean water?”

as in sonic ocean water. the slightly limey slightly coconuty drink that’s as blue as the sweet saba island tea cocktails that used to kill off me and shane’s brain cells. but NOW sonic makes hard seltzer, and while i know nik & os have tried the variety pack, i’m not sure about the ocean water, which i saw in sixteen ounce canned form at the front of a wal-mart.

so why did sonic get into the booze business? because EVERYBODY has. topo-chico, which is made for people who never heard the age old adage of “don’t drink the water” from mexico, so they pay three bucks a bottle for it because it’s sparkly. they ALSO make spiked seltzer now. so does jarritos (if you’ve been to any half ass decent taco joint you’ve seen their fruity mexican sodas – they’re iconic enough in cali and texas culture that nike actually designed a skate shoe around the sugary swill.

the other day i stopped at a convenience store and noticed that monster energy drinks are now making booze. surprisingly, non-caffeinated booze. they had them on the top shelf of the cooler so it would be harder for teenagers to grab them because they look a LOT like the regular ones, but in place of the go-go juice they’ve six percent alcohol by volume. also, the healthy juice company ‘simple’ has gotten into the game (those i quite enjoy) but i don’t understand why every blessed brand now has to get into the home booze game. i guess now that so much of the country is still working from home post-CoVid there’s a larger market for it? or just the world being on fire both literally and figuratively the demand is stronger than ever? i don’t know – but i do know i’ll be picking up simple variety pack after i run os to work today!

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