my x girlfriend?

find a new stock photo already!

i have a twitter (i.e. “X”?) account that i kinda use. i’m not gonna lie – a lot of the feed is porn. or semi-porn. lots of tits and ass. it’s enough that i’ve cut off all payments to other sites because this provides tons of free content on the odd occasion where i’d like such a thing.

and i interact with the folks in the feed, in the sense that i usually make comments, and it’s rarely about anything nasty or sexual.

it’s about their pet, or about how much i figure that throat tattoo hurt, or something like that. and as a result, people see these and comment back or like it or whatever the fuck. but due to the nature of these accounts, a LOT of who monitors said content are a bunch of scam accounts and bots. how do i know? because they all have the same formula, which is usually a female name not commonly used, but more common if you set your mind back to the late 1950’s or so, and it’s followed by a random five or six digit number, and a pic of someone pretty. so, like, “@delores76895 liked your comment” or something. and if that didn’t convince you they weren’t real women reacting to your shit, sometimes they use the same profile pic again and again, like here…

(notice that “lexy”, “ariel”, and “agata” all have the same profile pic?)

this girl must really like me – she’s going after me on three different accounts! my new soulmate! lol

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