blow stuff and gas stuff (a throwback)

we all know that guy that “quests for cheap gas”…

…around here, nik and i were discussing, they used to do bits about it on the local news, which i have to guess would be a real boom in business for whatever station got the free advertising. i just realized as i’m writing this they still might very well do it on the news, i just haven’t watched local news in yeeeeaaaarrrrssss…

friday bitz

Author: sean M Published: August 24, 2002 0 comments edit

sad when your friday ends up feeling like a monday, huh? i don’t mean it in that “start of the work week”, kinda way…more in that, “don’t SHIT go right” kind away. had plans. cancelled. thought of other plans. no dice. decided to drink myself stupid (since some days call for a drink, and some days call for a LOT of drinks), nothin’ doin’.


there was a certain satisfaction when i saw the clock strike midnight…’cause it meant the day was FINALLY over. put that shit to bed, and put myself to bed an hour or so later. new sleepy fan hummin’ in the background. actually, it was the same kind as before, just a newer version…since i really liked it. kinda looks like a retro tv antenna with a fan mounted on top of it…pretty fuckin’ cool. what i found interesting was the box…it SAYS it comes with a “three year LIMITED warranty”. since i hadn’t saved the receipt from the first one, i decided to learn my lesson. i figured with a warranty and all, i had to have just ended up with a bunk one, so i taped the receipt to the box while still at heb. now i was prepared. pulled it out of the car, put it together, and then once it was up and running i turned over the assembly instructions to see how “limited” it was in the “return it if it’s shit” department.

check this out…

within thirty (30) days, i can take it back to heb…but the last one DID last longer than that. lasted more like six months. so, i read further and found that within THAT amount of time, i can return it back to the manufacturer and get it repaired or replaced, provided i have the receipt (which is still taped to the box as we speak). but here’s the catch; not only do i have to pay to ship it back, i have to include a money order for $16 to cover the return postage and “handling”. i guess that’s to cover the guy who has to go through the monumental task of opening the thing up, plugging it in, and saying, “this motherfucker’s right…his shit IS broken.” then slapping a mailing label on a new one, and setting it out for the good folks at ups (or usps, or whoever) to come and transport it to my house.

how long do you figure THAT will take? ’cause the whole time, i get to sleep like shit…

also, figure in the fact the thing only costs $28 and some change. take out the skins i have to throw down to get it fixed, and i’m only saving $12. even if turnaround time is a WEEK, that’s me saving $2 a day for the “privilege” of sleeping poorly. don’t get me wrong, i can sleep like a baby without the fan if i tire myself out before i try and sleep if you know what i’m saying and i think you do; but that doesn’t get to happen very often (much to my dismay), so i would probably be sleeping like shit. it’s just not worth it…

sometimes you have to weigh in the convenience factor towards the money you save, youknowwhati’msayin’?

(at this point i should interject that it’s 1:45 in the afternoon on saturday when i’m writing this, i just watched “how high” (TOO motherfucking funny) on pay-per-view, so a ghettofied expression or two may creep in, as you’ve undoubtedly already noticed)

it’s like a guy i work with who lives in central austin…but will drive all the way up to the pflugerville heb to get gas because it’s DIRT cheap. i checked it out…downtown, a gallon of supreme (which is all i use) will run you $1.47. up in pflugerville, it’s $1.27. that’s a whopping $.20. even in a suburban, which has a thirty-five gallon tank, it’s gonna save you all of $7.00. seven bucks, to drive thirty miles round trip, all the way up and down i35. to save $7. and he doesn’t even DRIVE a suburban. i guarantee his tank ain’t more that fifteen gallons, which would be more like saving *does math in head, so forgive any inaccuracies* three bucks. to run all over hell’s half acre in hell-like temperatures (ah, texas in august).

in a word? no motherfuckin’ way…
(okay, so that was THREE words)

kinda like a shirt i got off of eBay. it was a “vintage” (as in from 1994 – what would that make ME?!?!?) concert shirt that in the pics looked to be in great shape. they said it had ONE small hole towards the bottom, and otherwise was tip-top. i “won” (that’s how they hook you in…you don’t BUY things off of eBay…you “win” them. you’re a WINNER. a broke-ass winner!!!) the shirt for $7, and with shipping it was $12. when it got here, it had SEVERAL holes, and the side of the chest had obviously been cut and sewn back up. i contacted the seller to see what the hell…they apologized and said if i shipped it back, they’d credit back my paypal account. but now i have to go in late to work one day just to hit the post office, or pry my ass outta bed on a saturday before noon or something, pay about $5 to ship it, etc. in the end, i would regain about $7. worth it? not hardly. so i just kept it as a souvenir, but will never wear it.

time is money. and hassle is money. sometimes you have to weigh your shit out and see what’s worth your time, and what’s not. you can always earn another dollar somewhere along the line, but once your time is gone, there’s no getting it back.

where was i? oh yeah…stay outta my booze.

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if he’s anything like my friends, just promise him some titties.

topenga said @ 08/26/2002 03:57 PM GMT

you know what it’s like trying to get him to pose for a picture?

astrofishy said @ 08/26/2002 12:56 AM GMT

hey bro, just looking through the page and saw “young bubba”. if your gonna have pics of a tat on there, at least update it(since H re-lined, and re-colored it). i’ll be in town monday morning to see my p.o., so i’ll probably give you a call. later…

shane said @ 08/25/2002 12:54 AM GMT

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