a flashback? a throwback? a new old bit? (pole dancer version)

i know, for a fact, i did a bit on this when it first made headlines online…

…but that was back in 2007.

in march of 2008 there was the big fat cow crash (“fat cow” literally being the name of my hosting company at the time) whereby all bits from feb 2002 thru mar 2008 were lost to the ages. i was able to rescue about a third, which pop up as the flashback or throwback bits (depending on the rotation that week) but the rest were gone.

and even the ones that were saved, and all bits before a format change back in 2014, lost all their graphics, which was a shame because how could i not do a bit on this?

gotta love that mid-oughts picture quality!

it’s a pole dancing kit that was sold in the “TOYS” section of a british chain and was labeled it was “For Ages 11 & Up!”. when a teacher’s union (among others) complained about them marketing “My First Stripper Pole” to kids (i believe what i put in quotes is what i named the original bit back when) they countered by saying it wasn’t like that, and was rather to reflect the latest exercise craze, pole dancing.

while that IS a legitimate exercise fad, then what’s with the garter belt and fake money you get with it? to pay your dues at the pole dancing gym? and it’s not a garter but a scrunchy? yeah, we’ll go with that.

damn, i am SO glad i never had a daughter.

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