sure, they outsold – but did they go seismic?

this one i tripped over while researching another article…

…while i got a slight giddy thrill pre-pandemic when my generation (give or take) helped dethrone taylor swift by making the band tool outsell her with their fear inoculum album, prompting the universal cry from gen z of “who the fuck is ‘tool’ anyway?!?” we never did, to my knowledge, literally register the earth move.

her folks did.

quick side note – “fear inoculum” is, according to google, the “injection of fear” but is it possible that it was actually meant as “fear of the injection” with maynard and the boys predicting the pandemic before it occurred?

at a recent taylor gig in seattle the crowd dancing was enough it actually registered on the richter scale. i love me some tool, and saw them three times on that tour (two pre-covid, one post) but i know none of stomped the yard to that degree! well done, youngsters!

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