that’s a wrap (and i didn’t die in july!)

so, monday night wrapped up my five months of killer concerts!

i wrapped up five months of my ultimate high school concert run with tears for fears and cold war kids, the latter of which i only knew one song, which i figured would be about where i’d end up.

a few notes from this last show:

i had to go a bit lower budget on this show after all the others, so i ended up in the arena, and basically ended up as dead centered as one could get, which i’d love to take credit for but just like my depeche seat (okay, that one i at least specified a section) i let the app pick my seat.

this pic i liked because they ran the “mad world” video on the screen while they played it, so here’s twenty-two year old curt on the screen watching sixty-two year old curt sing the song...

a couple quick odd notes before more pics:

1. more free parking this time around, albeit a half mile a way, which with a heat index of a buck twelve was a blessing and a curse

2. i can’t figure out why they felt the house music before and during the show needed to be nothing but tears for fears covers, but it was an interesting touch

3. another odd house note – they never turned on the house lights between bands, so tear’s taped intro was barely noticed

okay, one last decent band pic:

and i’ll close out the night review with a pic of this guy:

i could only see this view of him, but between the short sleeved western shirt AND the white cowboy hat (and i’ll assume boots & wranglers) he looked like he was there for george strait but he honestly could not have looked like he was having a great time! he had much better seats than me (obviously), and was rocking out the whole show just having his best monday night. i love going to shows partially to people watch and this guy was the unquestionable highlight of that part of the experience.

and thus ends this amazing run!

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