project sixer summer 2023 – part ii (finally)

sue me, it’s been so long since i’ve done a two parter i kinda spaced that there should be a wrap up to the other bit

…but here it tis:

1. blaq betty, part i – on wednesday, june 28th, i had my temp tire put on the back since belts were starting to show. i now have the new tire and need to get swapped, but i barely drove on the temp. like less than twenty five miles. and then… resolved – new(ish) run flat rocking on the back, but i still need to get the camber set to zero.

2. blaq betty, part ii – on the same day as above i did a breakfast taco for dinner run and got a “battery charging failure” alert, which it turns out was due to a shredded serpentine belt. as of this writing i ALSO have the belt in, but already had it in my head i’d just be rolling in grey for the weekend (i owe him – he sat for three weeks prior due to a dead battery i’ve since replaced) so this has to actually be done BEFORE i can even drive to the tire place. resolved – although it took longer than i expected to get it going, and i learned all kinds of fun stuff about my car along the way. i’ll quickly add it was kinda nice rolling around in grey, although he got a little hornary when i tried to fire him back up this week and sounds like he’s missing on a cylinder, so we’ll see what’s up with that, i suppose.

3. charge it up – before all this i got all the stuff to do a shop project of creating a charging station. the parts sit on the table. the furniture sits in the entryway. this isn’t helping anyone here. UNRESOLVED

4. arturo mobility – my eighty-five year old uncle totaled his truck and i need to help him get a new one. we’ll expand on this once it gets resolved. resolved – the first truck i found and really pursued for him failed the dealers “whatever the fuck point inspection”, so i went back on the autotrader app and noticed the first couple of trucks i glanced at (the first was what the dealer recommended upon arrival, the second was the one that caught arthur’s eye after he saw the first one) were at the same place so i just went to their website and they had several in his price range, so we just went there. he got the second one i’d looked at and it sits in his driveway as i typle this.

5. endless summer project – we got the pool cleaned out and started to fill it. my original goal was by my birthday, but now we’re coming up on july 4th with no pool thanks to it leaking because we left it out all winter. we now have a liner, although it came with the wrong clips. i believe i’ve found the right clips so we’ll see where this takes us. resolved – liner did, pool filled, everything hooked up. now we’re just waiting for the salinity to balance, which can take a few days.

6. my desk. the yard. enough already. unresolved due to sleeping in on friday a bit.

so if we count the last one as two, giving us seven, and making it to where we couldn’t tie as a result, i’m five done and two to go. not bad, honestly.

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