as the smoke clears (a flashback)

well, what do ya know?

a bit that’s never been re-issued, but is old enough to drink, and it’s about me drinking! not too off brand here…

06/09/2002: “wow…i can breathe. now if i could only stop seeing double…”

so, yesterday, i did a lot of auto-bonding. i don’t mean that as some sort of masturbatory statement, as my more perverted readership (i.e. the ones that think like me) would interpret it. i mean bonding with the 98 malibu that bears the still needing to be replaced “white trash” sticker. i had to run to san marcos, then downtown austin, then round rock, then far east austin, then south austin, and then finally back to lockhart.


all i can say is, thank god for very welcome, surprise phone calls and plentiful weekend minutes, or i would have gone nuts. in all this, i only actually got paid for six hours and about 49 miles. but that’s okay. and the later part of the night was even more okay (though far less cool than one of my afternoon conversations).

you see, i don’t smoke. i DO smoke cigars, and quite enjoy them, but it’s not as regular a habit as one would think. not to shoot my “image” in the foot (if i have one at all) but i probably smoke, at most, three cigars in a week…if that. typically, it’s more like one or two a week. of course, since i’m now talking about it, i’ll have to “partake” a bit later; and i only mean that about cigars…not booze (i DO have to work in the morning) or weed (since i have none in the house).

but cigarettes have never touched these lips for a lengthy amount of time. i specify that because i have, on occasion, pulled one out of the pack, put in my mouth, and lit it for a lady friend or something. sorta classy; good bonding gesture. but i only puff it once or twice, and never inhale it. i also then IMMEDIATELY drink something to kill the taste from my mouth, although i find it next to impossible. it simply just takes time.

through all this, with me never smoking, every woman i’ve ever had a serious relationship has been a smoker except one…but soon after we started seeing each other, she started back with the habit that she had kicked a few years before. it should be noted, though, that i was NOT the reason she started back; although the reason (and the habit that likewise ensued) are still around; but i digress…

kramer smokes. kathi smokes. josh smokes. junior smokes. shane smokes. so last night, when i ended up solo and starving post-indoor-football i went to baby a’s for some food and potent purple margaritas and got to say, “one…booth…NON-smoking, please”. all of a sudden, i realized this joint actually didn’t smell as dingy as i thought it did. and the food DOES actually have some scent to it. and tastes a little more vibrant when not accompanied by eau de camel No 5.

the plum-crazy purple ‘ritas still taste just as strong (god bless whoever thought to put everclear in margaritas); but their impact is a bit less due to the extra oxygen inhalation helping to clear your head…and for the record, i was NOT seeing double when i left (the title was only a joke, people)…i am still a bit responsible. not all the way, but a bit. after all, i step deeper into my thirties in just ten more days.

and speaking of countdowns, let’s not forget the cd contest, folks…lock in your final numbers for how many CDs you think i unearthed when i FINALLY cleaned out my car. whoever picks closest wins a free cd; but the cut-off is midnight tonight, and the next entry will announce the number (for all of you with side action going) and the winner. last chance to vote is right here.

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