alt andy atrocity

i’m half tempted to call andy bell from erasure to check on him…

…he’s been tattooed by us. i do legit have his number.

the day i’m writing this, may 26th, 2023, is the one year anniversary of the death of andy fletcher, founding member of depeche mode. i didn’t even know he was sick, so his death was a particularly unpleasant surprise and despite him not really playing a major role in what we fans see, apparently he was very instrumental behind the scenes as almost a member/manager kinda role.

while it’s the one year anniversary for fletch, it’s the one week anniversary for the death of andy rourke, the bass player for the smiths. he died of pancreatic cancer.

and speaking of the “c word”, andy taylor from duran duran has been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. while he’s trying some new experimental treatment and “is hopeful”, the fact that all reports contain the word “terminal” to describe his condition is probably not the best of signs. apparently the band is coming to him (he’s to ill to do the reverse) to get some recording done with him for an upcoming album.

for that matter, i need to reach out to one of my best friends from junior high, andrew franklin – same era of my lifetime, and it’s a big enough coincidence that i kinda wanna cross my eyes and dot my t’s, ya know?

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