tuesday tool bit

was it intentional or not? that is the question…

florida has been in the national news spotlight a lot more lately thanks not to storms, or critters, or anything else typically florida, but for it’s ultra-conservative governor who is basically trying to legislate anything that makes him uncomfortable out of existence. and it’s all pretty much lgbt stuff.

he needs to stop beating around the bush and change the state motto from “in god we trust” to “gay just ain’t okay” and be done with it.

so he instituted an anti-drag-show bill that makes it illegal to dress in drag and perform in front of minors. because why, i’m not sure. probably something that contains two big words right wing idiots can suddenly pronounce – “indoctrination” and “grooming”, although i guess that second one isn’t that big compared to other bigger words and phrases they seem to be forgetting like “inclusion” and the giant “constitutionally protected free speech” and such.

at the recent rockville music festival tool was one of the only headliners in their first (and to my knowledge, only) show for 2023. and maynard, their lead singer, who i’ve only met briefly in passing (don’t get me started on how his touring manager tried to get us to hang twenty years ago because he thought we’d “really get along”) dressed like this to perform at the florida festival:

which is clearly, if not a drag outfit, at the very least drag adjacent enough to piss off the alt-right crowd. maynard says it isn’t, but as most of the 2022 tour (which i saw them on) he looked more like this…

it’s hard not to believe he was at the very least, maynard tongue-in-cheek style, taking a shot at the floridian bullshit. it’s not out of his wheelhouse, tho. the first time i saw tool was in 1997 when his normal stage appearance was like this:

and we all know as people age their cosmetic accuracy can suffer, so maybe it’s just him reviving his 1990’s look as best as he can? we can’t be our 20’s self in our 50’s like we wanna…for me that’s a good thing, tho. i was a pretty fat fucker in 1990’s.

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