jim jefferies hit the bullseye (pun intended)

man, that shit was gospel!

in his first released special, australian comic jim jefferies goes after religion pretty hard. he got some emails about it. not an overwhelming amount apparently, but enough to get his attention. he’s repeated various incarnations of the bit a time or two, all to similar not too overwhelming responses.

then he did a bit about guns in america and gun rights.


he said the religious folk sent a dozen or two emails a week. but the gun folks? more than double that…an HOUR.

so i have a twitter account almost just for show. basically, when i got it, i had “m_sean_m” everywhere – hotmail, yahoo, NOT gmail (they don’t do underscores), but eBay, facebook, instagram, and thus twitter. i use it basically to look at free porn and follow the random thoughts of famous folk i know, like, or both. i rarely, if ever, post there. instagram USED to allow you to simultaneously post your insta content there, which we’ll remember as the “salad days” of that account because they don’t do that anymore. typically i get about five twitter alerts a week. not a day, a week. one or two might be likes to comments i made on other accounts, the others will be new accounts that follow me that are total spam bullshit single horny women accounts for single horny women that do not actually exist.

that was my twitter. until this week.

last weekend, almost on a lark, i made a comment about the second amendment and my interpretation of the phrase “well regulated militia” at the start of it, whereby i postulated that said phrase implied some common sense regulations, i.e. “gun laws”.


this week my usual five twitter alerts has been more like over a hundred alerts…a DAY. on average. the first day was a few hundred. i posted this comment right before going to the cure show, and by the end of the show i had over 250 alerts. in three hours.

who knew? jim jefferies knew!

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