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who knew this would be so hard to attain?

i’m not gonna lie – the six videos were a bit taxing because they were just kinda dull, but then i went to took the test and was blown away by how much of it was NOT covered in the videos! i thought it was a scam to guarantee you’d never get it (i’m a test MASTER and it took me three tries to pass!) but then i revisited the email i was originally sent when i signed up for the course, and it said “COURSE MATERIALS” followed by six youtube links.

then waaaaaaaaay down at the bottom there’s a pdf, that turns out to be a manual for the course that’s fifty plus pages. i have a strange feeling that bulk of the test that WASN’T in the videos is probably in there! so, i signed up for two courses way back when, and i barely made the deadline to sign up for the course, but i don’t know if i still have access. i DO know i have the pdf of the fifty plus paged manual, though, so they aren’t gonna fool be with that scam. now that i’m a certified weed chef, i figured i’d get my budtender certification as well! post when i’m done!

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