everyone gets their day in court

real quick, as i used to do a whole page about the idiot, i thought i’d weigh in on the court thing from new york this week…

…i have a few notes.

the court wanted him to zoom in from mar-a-lago to avoid any kind of ridiculousness, but somebody said “no”. the secret service wanted to do stuff after court hours, utilizing the tunnel system the courthouse has in place for higher profile folk for obvious security and spectacle reasons, but somebody said “no”. so know that all that coverage, all that insanity, all that shit show was done just for the maga crowd, and had no other real practical purpose. it was all a performance…and should be treated as such.

i don’t agree with them doing it, honestly. i think the d.c. and georgia cases have a far better chance of sticking, and i think this one will crumble under even a half-assed defense. that will make him feel vindicated, and make for an even bigger “another swing and a miss!” performance like the two impeachments or the mueller thing.

he uses it to martyr himself, to show his base that if they can go after and get HIM, they can get YOU TOO. it’s weird – they’re all about being about law and order, and long as it isn’t applied to HIM…or most other white people. laws are like sub 500 credit scores – white folks need not worry about such things, in their eyes.

of course after their was a speech, but mainly just a re-hash of all of somebody’s old bullshit and drama and made up conspiratorial rhetoric (i admit i mainly used that phrase to see if i could spell it properly first try and did) and i applaud cnbc for NOT airing it at all because they knew what it would be. that where the media is truly failing us – giving up shit tons of free air time to this idiot even when there’s no news. his plane taking off. the courthouse he’ll be entering…eventually. it’s all bullshit. simply stop giving him free air time – i understand he’s a human car wreck, but we don’t all need to be this guy…

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