ass haulin’

i’m not sure what to do on this bit…

…so, i got kinda cut off by a truck yesterday as i was getting on the flyover from 183 to the 290 toll in north austin, and i noticed that the guy had basically put his mudflaps on backwards. while typically they’re identical, in this case they had the classic mudflap girl silhouette whereby one had word “Haulin'” below it and one had “Ass”, so when you put them on properly it says “Haulin’ Ass”, doing the whole double entendre thing with the sexy girl above it.

but when you reverse it to just “ass haulin'”, then you sound like a very proud human trafficker…

so with about six attempts (while going 85mph on a toll road – do NOT try this at home!) this was the best pic i could get. but once i figured i had something i could use and went to pass the guy the real situation became more apparent, as seen in this slight edit of one of the other pics:

there’s a piece of fiberglass that’s very obviously from another truck cab patching what i can only guess is a sizeable hole in this one? and the rest of that side and roof are so bashed in it’s obvious it was rolled or a wrecking ball was literally dropped on it? either way, once you see the truck that’s ass haulin’ the trailer you realize some flip flopped mud flaps are really the fuckin’ least of this guy’s problems! at that point i just wanted some distance before parts started to fall off the motherfucker!

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