whiskey wednesday iii – grey edition (2023)

no, this has nothing to do with my car with the dead battery i can’t afford to replace right now…

…although, i guess it’s a partial cause for needing it? “it”, of course being…

i didn’t notice until i went looking for images of the bottle that this hooch, from where i’m sitting, makes you a victim of “shrinkflation”, whereby prices stay the same and packaging shrinks. i thought this was a good buy at spec’s with it being under $30, but i just realized by the images (and confirmed with the bottle on the bar in my office) that those three hamiltons don’t get you 750ml, but rather just 700ml…and honestly, that’s okay.

because this stuff isn’t that great.

now, keep in mind, these are written slightly early (in this case the day before you read it) and i just picked up the bottle monday, so i’ve only had one drink out of it so far after work on monday. as this is being written at (checks boba fett lego clock) 11:33am and i still need to hit the gym, the second drink hasn’t quite happened yet. but off the initial i’ll say i’m not terribly impressed. it’s supposedly a blend of “ireland’s finest blends”, which would mean it’s made of blends of blends so the expression “less is more” is kinda lost here. my old friend jonathan broderick used to make this concoction at the 7-11 across from sewell park where we’d be skating called “big mountain crystal red gator light dew” which was a mixture of (in case the name lost you) big red, mountain dew, gatorade, and crystal light, “suicide style” from the big gulp fountain. sometimes too many flavors means something gets lost in the mix.

so it goes with grey coast irish whiskey. at least, that’s my initial impression. i hate to close out on a negative note, and this is the last whiskey wednesday of the month, so if today’s drink changes my opinion i’ll post an epilogue accordingly…

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