not interested…seriously!

i’ve had this happen to countless posts on the company facebooks, but never expected it on my own…

now, obviously this isn’t THE charles flynn writing me. but it’s typically something along these lines that gets posted in response to comments on our facebook pages, usually by slightly older women, always from accounts that looks suss as fuck with some military guy as the profile pic, trying to compliment you into sending them a friend request, and i’m sure from there the hacking or phishing begins.

i figure they use those kinda pics to lower the “instant delete” factor with the whole “support our troops” sympathy bullshit.

but normally there’s some romantic angle as it’s aimed at female. this time, thankfully, there really wasn’t – but unlike all the times i’ve flagged, reported, blocked, and hidden accounts and comments on the company sites, i actually got a reply from facebook on this one saying i had no need to report it as it didn’t really break any of their policies.

in hindsight that’s true.

but it’s still annoying…anyone else get bullshit like this?

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