festering sore

the title makes this seem like a lot grosser entry than this is gonna be…

…but i did learn something.

i’ll put it out there right now, and feel most would agree, that the 2024 presidential election is gonna be a pretty big shit show. if the dems give the ball back to biden, they might as well just gift wrap the election and hand it to trump, assuming he’s the gop nominee.

we don’t really like our octogenarian relatives to drive, do we need to give one access to “the button”?

but back to that “maybe…trump” thing. back when he made his “big announcement” (that nobody gave a fuck about) that he was gonna run again, i hoped (even prayed, which is about as atypical as my behavior can get) that he would branch off into his own party to have more control over…well…everything. it’s kinda like how musk reinstated his twitter and yet he stays on with “truth social”. i was hoping he’d pull a ross perot.

for all who don’t remember, that was a little (seriously) texas rich fuck who split the gop vote in 1992 and (indirectly) caused clinton’s first term as a result. but alas, i was denied – agent orange registered as a republican candidate even though he’s not a “republican”, he’s a “trumpian” and there is quite a difference.

i then set my sights on the “maybe/hopefully” he’d LOSE their nomination in the primary (although more and more desantis seems like he might actually be worse) and he’d say, “screw you guys, i’m taking my toys and going home!” and he’d THEN launch his own party. but it turns out that’s not going to work. at least not if he’s smart…so now that i type that i realize all isn’t completely lost.

it turns out six states (including the really large one i’m sitting in) have what’s called “sore loser laws” whereby if you run for one of the two major party nods and DON’T get it, you can’t just break off and do your own thing in that same election…you’d have to sit it out. so i guess we’ll see where this takes us. while both trump and desantis are horrible human beings, desantis is the infinitely smarter of the two, and for once intelligence might really play against us on this one…

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