that (un)healthy glow

if it were around today, it might look like this…

but, because this was about a hundred years ago, it looked like this…

and while it just looks like vanilla extract, this ol’ school energy drink was chock full of energy. real energy. ATOMIC energy. thanks to its anything but secret ingredient, radium. which actually IS radioactive, and back then that was…um okay?

the nice thing was these were never “trending” because most of them didn’t have radium, and the ones that did (like the one above) were so pricey normal people couldn’t swing em, they were only used in quantity by really wealthy individuals, like the guy in the link above, who had to be buried in a lead lined coffin to help contain the toxicity. all was not for nought, though – his death helped make people go, “shit, maybe radiation is bad for you?” and start that whole field of study, so some good came out of it.

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