readership test, shane edition

i know damn well most of my original readers, while still friends, aren’t really reading this any more…

…there are moments i wonder if anyone is. the hit counter sure as fuck don’t shoot up like it used to.

if shane is out there, i’d love to hear his opinion of THIS:

it gets good reviews pretty much everywhere i read (except a few “too sweet” complaints”), but is it good or is it blasphemy? is it worth me even trying to find out? i’ve never been much of a beer guy, and always opt for smithwick’s over guinness when i can, but “alcohol free”?

well, sorta.

it has .5% by volume, which is 1/20th of what you get from nyquil (which back when i was a skater kid was closer to 25% versus it’s current 10%, which is why so many skater buddies would “develop coughs” on the weekends) but still.

shane – thoughts?

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