two meat tuesday

people assume that, just because i work in the tattoo industry, i see all kinds of things that don’t even phase me that might freak a “normal” person out…

…and between various things that have made up my resume over the years, that’s pretty true. but even i can recognize folks that have taken things to the extreme and it could interrupt their lifestyle taking it as far as they did.

use whatever adage you want, be it the traditional “too much of a good thing” or the newer one i heard in the shop a few years back (“the only two things somebody with face tattoos never hears are ‘you’re hired’ and ‘not guilty’, ya know?”) but even those of us IN the game realize when somebody might have too much of it. and you have to know, going in to it, that certain prejudices and restrictions might occur. don’t make it right, just makes it so.

that being said, nobody should be barred from seeing their kid’s school shit unless they’ve been abusive to said kid. it doesn’t matter how much metal and ink you shove in your body or face, you still love your kids, right? so while i get the part in this article about certain pubs and such not letting her in, the school thing i think is bullshit. they don’t mind taking her money to pay for the fucking place, they should let her see her kid’s performances there.

and then…

i know, for some, libraries can be boring. being a librarian’s kid that’s not so much the case for myself, but i’ve never been so bored i felt i needed to tweak up in the john. like, anywhere. no place has made me have that craving. but people are gonna people and i guess the real shocking thing is there was enough residue or fumes in the john from folks cooking and shooting that some of the staff had health issues to the point of warranting a shut-down. seriously? that’s quite the habit!

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