yeah, i just did that (a flashback)

did i just re-post a perfectly aged twenty year old bit that’s actually been posted before the day i have to work most of xmas weekend?

fuck yeah, i did…

12/23/2002: “holly daze (not just a girl who used to blow me for pot in college)”

and, here we are. the king of all down times of the year, in SO many ways…the holidays. xmas. chanukah. quanza. a time where everyone is all about being happy and being together and celebrating the end of another year of making it through the hard times and celebrating the good times and just surviving the whole time. a time to rejoice, bask in the opulence of your surroundings, cuddle up with that special someone, and think of what might be…

…and then, there are the other 97% of us, who hate the SHIT out of this time of year.

that’s who reads my page. the bitter, lonely, horny, good-god-they-can’t-MAKE-enough-booze-and-weed-and-cigars-and-cigarettes-and-whatever-else-numbs-the-pain-to-make-this-bullshit-less-miserable-for-me crowd. amen. as-salaam-alaikum. fuck the merry AND the bright. some of us will know the true worth of our significant others during the holidays because we PAID for them…either from the corner liquor store, or that trailer on the outside of town with the world’s largest black light poster collection, the bottom line is this….xmas may come but once a year, but misery visits more often. and hangs out longer. and costs more to get through. but there is a way to get through this double whammy, and it’s to ask yourself a simple question, who’s acronym is NOT “wwjd”; it’s…




something to think about…

2022 note – i’m a bit more content during the holiday season now due to marriage/age mellowing me out a bit

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