migas are magical

kramer will approve this message…

…just for the title alone.

last week i had a late sunday meeting of sorts with a former co-worker who had only recently became “former”. it was of her own call, but the timing seemed off since she was poised to finally do what she wanted to do and apprentice with us in the near future. her reasoning made sense and was settled up early on, so from there we just had a nice dinner and lots of non-work related chatter and i gave her a ride home since she’d had a car issue trying to come meet me but still made it.

on the way home i started to wonder if i was gonna make it as my guts started a tex-mex fueled rebellion. i hadn’t eaten anything i hadn’t had before (grilled fish tacos) and i hadn’t drank anything i hadn’t had before (two mexican martinis) but my gut wasn’t happy.

so, this past friday, my sister was in town for a birthday girl’s weekend so we met for drinks. same place as i’d been sunday (trudy’s), same drinks (two meximarts), this time just with some chips and queso that had been preceded by little cesar’s with the boy for lunch. almost worse stomach issues. not with the same ending, but definitely more crampy.

coupled with this being slow season it made for a painful night mentally, physically, and financially. the whole weekend went two for three on that scale, and by the end of it i needed a drink. on sunday lunch had been the leftover little cesar’s, and i was heading back to trudy’s, and as i pulled into the parking lot talking to nik it occurred to me i was literally repeating, almost perfectly, the friday “recipe for disaster”. still had two mexican martinis, but this time dinner was migas enchiladas with queso on top.

so since chips are basically just crunchy corn tortillas, and enchiladas are wrapped in corn tortillas, and these were covered in queso, the only real difference between my friday food and booze intake and my sunday food and booze intake was the migas. and sunday night? ZERO gut issues!

this was a relief as i was afraid i was developing an allergy to meximarts or something but the addition of migas made it right, and it’s good cold weather comfort food…guess that’s gonna be the plan for a bit!

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