black celebration (a flashback)

it was bound to happen…

…we’re running out of “perfectly aged bits” during certain times of year. that file was given to me in september of 2003, so it ends there, so once you get past september you have ONLY 2002 to work with, and when that day is tapped, it’s tapped. so since i’m writing this while recovering from seven straight days at the shops and over sixty some odd hours, we’ll go slightly tattooish and see where things were at exactly thirteen years ago today with a bit entitled…

why you gotta try to keep a brotha down?
Author: sean M Published: November 25, 2009 2 comments edit

what’s with this “BLACK” friday shit?

when will america learn? black THINGS are not inherently bad because of their blackness…it’s black PEOPLE that are inherently bad because of their blackness…


…moving on.

i don’t know why they call it black friday, i just know that i want no part of it. stores opening at midnight of 5am or some such shit. trying to get in early, get all the dough spent, and get home before the sun even comes up. fighting over the latest and greatest video game or cheap-ass lcd tv. fuck all that!

okay, maybe i’d do that last one – i could use a good lcd tv.

2022 NOTE – so, i bitch a lot about the fat cow folk losing my shit around march of 2008 but what i DON’T mention is when we switched to this format from the previous we lost a lot of image files. the text remained, but the images didn’t, so you end up with me referring to stuff that isn’t there, which happens twice below. because of my descriptions, i can ascertain what they are and retake em so all images are from XI∙XXIV∙MMXXII

no, my ass will not be venturing out save for maybe a nice meal (and even then not in any area with major retail near by) with the exception of maybe going to hobby lobby for more frame/matte jobs. just got this one done:

went with a butter-yellow matte. looks good…took it into the store and they did it all for around $40 out the door – frame, matte, and labor. not bad. looking next to do one i really don’t think i should take into hobby lobby seeing as how they’re a bit christian and shit:

been needing to get this one looking sharper for-ev-uh…but what color should i go with on the matte? i feel like the same yellow i did on the first one would work, but kinda want to break it up a bit. i know readership will be at an all-time low between now and friday morning but do we have any ideas out there? so far i’m either thinking yellow (to match the moon and a good chunk of the text) or maybe a dove gray to match the stockings…


2022 NOTE – obviously went with the grey, couldn’t be happier with the result

(and yes, i know i’m going to hell just for owning it…i’ve made peace with that.)

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on the 2022 reissue comments are NOT closed – and if you’d told me back in 2013 that the artist on these prints would become an acquaintance of mine i’d have laughed at you, but here we are…

Shane Nov 25, 2009 @ 19:55

Going to hell for owning it? What do you think is gonna happen to me? I’ve got the print tattooed on the back of my right calf.
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sean Nov 25, 2009 @ 23:19

are you kidding? who do you think i fucking know will be sharing my table? now we just need good parking!

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