watch yo self! (a throwback)

since there was no perfectly aged bit for today, and it’s the week of my anniversary, i thought i’d rerun a bit that would have gone out just a few days after i first met my wife…

watch yo’ date!
Author: sean M Published: November 17, 2012 0 comments edit

so, it’s fairly well known i’m a bit of a watch guy…

…and before i go any further, “fuck you shane, i bought the watch!”
(or at least at the time of this writing i’m assuming by the time this is read i did)
2022 note – i have no idea to which watch this is referring, so i don’t know if i actually bought the watch in question

moving on – by my estimate, working or not, i own about a dozen watches…some of which might be on ebay by the time you’re reading this (i’ve been on quite the ebay kick lately). i always notice people’s watches, and occasionally use them to judge the person rocking it for knowing what they might drop at the shop (on a side note kinda regret selling my middle eastern faux-lex but i was broke at the time so it helped a lot and i never really wore it ’cause it was tight on my wrist…although at twenty pounds lighter probably not so much now.)

so, anyway, i saw a customer wearing a nice diesel one about a month or so ago and complimented it, only to get back, “yeah, it looks really cool, and keeps good time, but the calendar part sucks – half the time it’s off! i just had to reset it this morning – i’ve been writing the wrong date on shit all week!”

i looked at the calendar and it was the sixth of october. “behind a day, was it?”, i asked.

“yeah”, he replied, “but not all the time – it’ll work for a while, then fuck up!”

“let me guess”, i continued, “it was off this month, but fine last month (september) and the month before (august), but fucked up back in the middle of the summer”.

“EXACTLY!”, he exclaimed, “i got it as a birthday gift (his b-day is two days before mine, AND his name is “shawn” – he’s one of our regulars) and after it fucked up i thought, ‘shit can i return it?’ but then the date worked fine for few months only to fuck up this week”.

“your watch isn’t fucked up, you are”, i said, now in hindsight i realize, rather harshly.

“how do you figure?”, he inquired.

“it’s an analog watch, not a digital”, i continued, “it doesn’t know that ‘thirty days hath september…’ shit. on months with LESS than thirty-one days you have to advance it to the first…otherwise it keeps going to “31” before it rolls over to “1”. if you’d had waited till march to find this out the lack of days in february would have REALLY fucked you up!”

he felt stupid…although he shouldn’t have. technology has made us all kind of lazy.

so now, if you decide to be a watch person again instead of just relying on your cell phone, you know why you think your watch is broke. hell, one of my exes used to bring all her watches by after short months so i could adjust the date so she wouldn’t chip a nail…although none of you need to do the same, unless you’re gonna pay me the way she did – and it wasn’t with money!

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