what’s my number?

a quick question for all the ladies out there…

…which is the more important number – years together or years married? i ask because the ufc (aka nikki, aka my wife) is horrible at remembering dates. admittedly so. to the point where most anniversaries the facebook reminder literally hits the phone about three minutes before i’d get a text from her, because before she got that reminder she had no clue.

it happens.

ironically, i ALWAYS remember dates. well, almost always. recently, kevin smith scheduled a clerks iii thing at the paramount. i have a history with this shit. not only have i been a pretty big fan of his movies since jump, i’ve been attending his things at the paramount since he started them back with jay & silent bob strike back back in 2001, when i got to meet the man and have a couple drinks. ran into him again a few years later after the clerks ii one. nik and i had a good time at the jay & silent bob reboot one (and jason mewes was there for that one).

so when we saw the announcement there would be a clerks iii one it was a no brainer that we’d go. the dates were released, and the austin one was november 14th. asked nik if she had any special plans for that day and she said “no”, but asked what day of the week it was. i told her a monday, and she agreed stating she’d just take tuesday off.

i have a friend of the family going out of town and flying back that day and i had to deny her a ride back from the airport because her plane lands at the same time as the movie. “we have a paramount thing” i told her, without the OTHER thing kicking in on my ol’ mental calendar. what OTHER thing, you might ask? oh, just that whole anniversary thing.

we had our first date on november 14, 2012. we got married on november 14, 2014.

which takes us back to the initial question for the ladies – which is the more important number?

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