a whole lotta nothing (a throwback)

“they can’t all be winners, can they?” – billy bob thorton, bad santa


but if you pay attention you’ll catch this was the moment i lost the hair for good!

10/20/2002: “i should have seen it coming”

certain things i guess i need to realize are as inevitable as death and texas. one, is shiner bocktoberfest and rain. two, is shiner bocktoberfest and NO mobile coverage. so, by 10:45 am saturday i was soaked to my socks and i could OCCASIONALLY call people but not a damn person could call me. but it kinda fit the weekend…

friday was gonna be a rest-up and mentally prepare kinda evening. go hit the gym, grab a light dinner, write on the whore, and crash. nope. didn’t happen. had last minute plan changes and all of a sudden i’m doing the great table search on the back patio of chacho’s just off i10 for the third friday night in a row…maybe we should just start having “whore booze night” there or something…home of great margaritas and those AMAZING frozen jack and cokes. even more amazing was the company, but never mind that now.

when i went to sleep at 1:00 am, it was clear, windy, and nice out. i remember standing out on the back porch in a pair of flannel pants and a wife beater looking up at the stars and thinking about all those poor schmucks that had been warning me about the weather issues for bocktoberfest. it was a GORGEOUS night. now it was sleepy time…i mean, i only had about six hours before i needed to get up and start preparing, right? now, before i ended up crashing i got a wild hair (so to speak), set my clippers on #3, and trimmed down the ring o’ fur that encircles my mouth…then took them to the whole rest of my head. who knew i could look MEANER? but never mind all that now; we’ll discuss that another time.

six hours later, i get up. the temperature has only dropped about four degrees. the precipitation level has DRAMATICALLY changed. it is absolutely torrential outside. good thing i had backed the car in so i could unload a ticket system into the car without it getting trashed by rain. i printed up all the will call, and five hundred cash tickets JUST in case we showed up to storm damaged phone lines. then, i got ready, picked up my “sister” kathi, and away we went to the land of the anti-ziegenbock.

the rest, we’ll save for another time…

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